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The staff and attorneys at the Van Dusen Law Firm are dedicated legal professionals with diverse backgrounds. This gives the professionals at the Van Dusen Law Firm and decisive edge when dealing with complex legal matters. Often, in representing clients, expertise in more than one area of the law is required. No need to hire a multitude of lawyers. The professionals at the Van Dusen Law Firm will provide you with comprehensive legal support in critical areas that cover all facets of your case.

The Van Dusen Law Firm offers a free initial consultation. Areas of emphasis include:

Tax Planning Controversy, and Resolution

Mr. Van Dusen earned a Master of Law in Taxation from the Sturm College of Law at the University of Denver. He works daily with the IRS Tax Code and the United States Treasury Department Regulations and counsels clients on these very important areas of the law. Whether it is state or federal tax issues, tax planning and management, or representation before the IRS Appeals Division, the United States District Court and the United States Tax Court, the Van Dusen Law Firm has helped hundreds of clients with their tax processes. The Van Dusen Law Firm provides ongoing tax planning to reduce federal and state taxes to the fullest extent of the law.

Business Planning and Formation Management

The Van Dusen Law Firm has helped business clients structure their businesses in order to maximize their business profits while minimizing their business expenses. Mr. Van Dusen brings a firsthand perspective to this process as a small business owner. The Van Dusen Law Firm assists clients in establishing and monitoring effective daily business practices, creating and updating strategic business and wealth planning, and selecting the most effective organizational structure for their clients. One size does not fit all; clients can operate their businesses as professional organizations, limited liability companies, or for profit and not-for-profit corporations. The Van Dusen Law Firm can find the right business formation for your unique business needs.

Estate Planning and Probate Matters

The Van Dusen Law Firm provides estate planning for individuals and families. Most people do not have a will or have not reviewed their current will for years. Estate planning must focus on the current and future needs and desires of the client and their family. We understand this important aspect of estate planning. We provide compassionate estate planning for individuals and families with smaller and larger estates and provide tools for financial, medical, and end of life decisions. We also counsel our clients on whether wills, trusts, or a combination of the two would meet their estate planning needs. Finally, the Van Dusen Law Firm represents clients in probate matters in Colorado.

Contracts and Negotiations

The Van Dusen Law Firm drafts contracts and revises formation documents for business clients. The Van Dusen Law Firm negotiates on the client’s behalf to obtain the type of document that meets the client’s business needs and follows up with business agreements that are concise and legally relevant to the client’s unique business situation. Areas of specialty include employment matters, partnership agreements, franchise agreements, leases, and buy-sell agreements.

Business and Tax Litigation

The Van Dusen Law Firm represents clients in business and tax litigation. Mr. Van Dusen is a member of the United States Tax Court bar, the District Court of the state of Colorado, and is a member of the Colorado bar. He also has extensive experience representing clients before the various administrative departments of the Internal Revenue Service including appeals, audits, resolution, and controversy matters. The Van Dusen Law Firm provides legal representation to its small business clients in all facets of their operations.